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(Ex-Vice President / Creative Director

Pen and Pixel Graphics, Inc.)


Making Art Work...

That's really what it boils down to.


Smartface Media Management offers a fresh perspective on marketing and visual communications, sometimes a little too fresh! (we're known to push the envelope, then drop it off the table and kick it around a bit for good measure). In other words you’ll see all the options when it comes to concepting.


Most firms work solely from a creative background. While this is useful for crafting logos and what have you, it lacks the intuitive business mind-set that Smartface offers your company.


We’re about strategy, budget and results.

We see the big picture! Really we do!


With speed being our competitive advantage, on the edge of instant and a skill set like a Swiss-Army knife, we can usually meet just about any challenge in the design and production arena.


All this without the headache or prices of larger agencies, believe’ll be impressed!


These clients were.



Graphic design


Web design


Branding & identity programs


Tradeshow & event signage


3-D event displays


Tradeshow backdrop  


Music CD cover art and inlay art


Menu design and layout


Packaging design


Ad design and concepting




Environmental design


Architectural concepting  


Architectural renderings 


Historic timeline walls


Print production services 


Book cover design and layout 


Certificate design


Point of purchase displays


Photoshop and special effects




Movie posters and DVD covers 


Photo retouching


Virtual prototypes  


Vehicle graphics 


Event graphics


Printing (digital and offset)


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